After teaching 25,000 satisfied student how to make money online, And after making his first 1,000,000$ at the age of 16.

Meirpc is proud to present:

“All The Ways To Make Money Online Are Here!” 

Who is Meirpc? How a 16 years old kid made his first 1M online?

Meirpc, an 18 years old boy from Israel.
Lecturer, Entrepreneur, and CEO of the leading online academy in Israel.
At 16, he made his first 1M from the internet.
At 17, Meir bought his Tesla in cash.
At 18, he started real-estate investing and bought an apartment for his parents.
But it hasn’t been like this from the beginning.
At the age of 13, Meir was a dog sitter for money.
At 14, Meir got into debt after purchasing a dropshipping course.
At 15, Meir dropped out of school to focus on business.
This decision was the best one he made.
As of now, Meir has more than 100,000 followers on social media, 
Lecturing to hundreds of people, traveling the world, and, most importantly
Making money no matter where he’s at.
Meirpc is in Dropshipping, web-dev, crypto, stocks, real estate, and more.
In addition, Meir focuses on his “All the ways to become wealthy online” project.
Meir invites you to join over 25,000 satisfied students and make a living online.

Let’s Talk About Making Money Online

What do you think when you hear the words "Making money online"?
Maybe the article in the news about the prodigy who made a million at the age of 16 online and maybe you think that this is a complicated world that is not for you, or maybe you think it's your time to learn how to make money online.

And the time has definitely come.
Making money online is not only the future but the present. Today there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who work from anywhere in the world using only their computer and without a manager. Imagine how it would be to earn more in a month than your manager does in a year. And I'm sure you can too.

After Meirpc started his dropshipping business at the age of 14, and after having more than 10,000 students making money online from dropshipping at the age of 17, Meirpc understood that there is more to making money online than dropshipping, Meirpc got into the depth of crypto, marketing, websites and much much more.

After Meirpc understood that dropshipping doesn’t suit everyone (just like every other profession), Meirpc decided to publish his project “All the ways to become wealthy online”
Meirpc and his team invite you to join the high-end courses about making money online.

All The Ways To Make Money Online Are Here!

Our mission is to influence as many people as possible with our courses that will help them earn money and achieve their dreams.
Just like in every other field, all people are different, and not 100% of the methods to make money online are suitable for 100% of the people, you can choose your preferred way :)
Meirpc teaches the methods he uses to earn every day, and other methods are lectured by worldwide professionals in their field.
Not sure what method is the most suitable for you? We developed a smart FREE script that will help you decide which method is the most appropriate for you!

Practical course VS Premium course

One of our principles is not to try to sell someone a course he doesn’t need. Our mission is to help people to earn money online.
for your convenience, every method is divided into two types of courses - Practical course and Premium course.
The practical course will provide you with all the essential knowledge and tools to start and earn, but doesn’t cover the more in-depth methods.
On the other hand, the premium course provides up to 2-4 more content and value than the practical course and covers the method from a-z with all the secrets and methods for intermediates.
Its not a MUST to join the practical course before joining the Premium course, because all the content of the practical course is FREE to the Premium course students.
You can choose whether you want to check the field before diving right into it, or on the other hand, to dive right into the water and get the Premium course right away.
Either way you’re going to earn money, and going to earn big.

A little about our courses :)

When we make a purchase online, whether it's a course or anything else, you give your trust to the company and the owner.
We believe in transparency with our customers, so here is some data about us :)


Over 25,000 Satisfied students


24/7 Access to our courses from any location


More than 1,000 hours of high quality content

What our costumers think about us?

Most important to us is our customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our words. (94% of reviews on google are 5 stars).
And you can find costumers reviews on my instagram highlights

Not Sure Which Course To Join? We Have The Solution.

If you are not sure which course to join and just want to earn money on the internet you are invited to join our flagship course:
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